Lesson Plan Ideas for Presidents’ Day: Introducing the New If I Were President Curriculum Guide

I am pleased to announce that just in time for Presidents’ Day and the upcoming election year, there is a new If I Were President curriculum guide based on the picture book by the same name available for free to educators and parents.

The guide was created by Leigh Courtney, Ph.D., who teaches first and second grade in the Global Education Program at a public school in San Diego, CA. She holds a doctoral degree in education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.
The curriculum guide offers activities in creative writing, map skills and cooperative problem solving, while also familiarizing students with the responsibilities and the perks of the Office of President of the United States.
To access the guide, please visit my website’s homepage at http://www.catherinestier.com/. Below the star icons, you’ll find the link at Click here for free curriculum guides!