Kids Design Queen Mary Ships on Memorial Day Weekend

Here’s just a sampling of the work of the creative kids in San Antonio!  Lots of young readers stopped by to take part in the book signing/kids crafts at San Antonio’s

Barnes and Noble at San Pedro Crossing on Sunday, May 26. With the release of my new WWII era picturebook WELCOME TO AMERICA, CHAMP! and in observance of Memorial Day weekend, kids had the opportunity to decorate their own ships.  Much of WELCOME TO AMERICA, CHAMP! takes place on the Queen Mary, an impressive

Postcards of the Queen Mary

ship (larger than the Titanic) that played an important part in WWII.  Some kids based their designs on the real Queen Mary — we had plenty of postcards and the lovely book illustrations by Doris Ettlinger as examples.  Other young designers chose to go with their own whimsical motifs.  No matter the approach, the results — as you can see –were amazing!