Another Tea Party…

In 2007, my poem for children, “When Jean Forgot to Say ‘When’” first appeared in Highlights Magazine with lovely, whimsical illustrations by David Galchutt.

In this story-in-verse, Jean is invited to the castle

for tea with the Queen.  The proper Queen asks Jean to say “When” as she pours her tea.  Jean, however, is so giddy to be in the palace and so distracted by the sights that she forgets to say “When.”  And so the Queen pours, and pours and pours…

Flash forward to the summer of 2013 and the trip of a lifetime to Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and England.

In Scotland, we had the chance to visit Edinburgh – and I found out one could be served tea at the lovely and majestic Edinburgh Castle.  I was every bit as thrilled as Jean! I felt giddy, too, that my life was imitating a tiny bit of the story I had created years before.  After all, I was having tea (and some scrumptious pastries and delectables) at a real castle!

Edinburgh Castle