Introducing my new picture book, WHEN A KID LIKE ME FIGHTS CANCER, just released by Albert Whitman in association with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

The title offers a realistic but gentle exploration of the changes that come and support that can be found following a diagnosis of childhood cancer as experienced by a young child.

When a young boy finds out he has cancer, he learns a lot right away. He learns that cancer is something you fight, and that cancer isn’t anyone’s fault – especially not his.  He discovers that many things change with cancer, but some of the most important things stay the same.  He also learns that having cancer is easier when everyone around him wants to help him fight.

Kirkus lauds it as “Targeted and right on target.”

The research medical journal The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health notes “Stier writes in a way that engages all and her style of language and simple sentences can help children understand a complex and heavy topic.”

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When I received my own cancer diagnosis, I turned to books to help make sense of it all (and there are plenty for grown-ups).  It’s my hope that now some kids in this situation, and the people who know and love them, will find information and encouragement in this book.