Announcing a Free Theatrical Production of IF I WERE PRESIDENT based on the book by Catherine Stier

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PLAYERS, PERFORMERS, & PORTRAYERS PRESENTS READING OF IF I WERE PRESIDENT by CATHERINE STIER Based off of the children’s book of the same name, the politically-themed children’s play IF I WERE PRESIDENT will be presented just in time for the election! YOUTUBE (NOVEMBER 2nd, 2020).

What would it be like to be President of the United States? Imagine living in the White House, a mansion where you wouldn’t have to leave home to go bowling or see a movie! Imagine a chef to cook anything you like. “Two desserts tonight, Madam President. No problem!” As eleven-year-old Abby leads a group of neighbor kids on Election Night in a magical exploration of what it would be like to be President of the United States – from living in a stately mansion with a bowling alley to helping a town devastated by disaster – new friendships are forged and each child’s own surprising leadership skills emerge during their often funny, sometimes moving adventure at the White House and beyond.

Based on the award-winning children’s book, If I Were President (Albert Whitman & Co.), this play offers a high-energy exploration of the perks and responsibilities of the highest office of the land as experienced by five children who are magically transported to the White House on the night of the presidential election. As the children take turns being president that night, they discover their own strengths and the truth about what it means to be a leader.

“Mixing in a bit of magic and loads of imagination, If I Were President offers a kid’s-eye, sometimes funny and sometimes poignant view of what it could be like to be president,” says author Catherine Stier. “It all takes place on Election Night, when five kids are magically transported to the White House, so now is the perfect time to present this new and, I hope, playful and uplifting production.”

Catherine Stier was one of six playwrights selected to participate in the Magik Theatre New Playwrights Program at the Magik Theatre in San Antonio, TX. It was in this program that she developed the script If I Were President. This production will be directed by Emily Hawkins. The cast of the reading will include Julia Stier, Celia Rivera, Mikey Takla, Jennings Humphries, Kristen Clarke, Grace Sallee, and Jacob Litvack. The show will be presented FREE to interested elementary schools.

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