Alaska Book Tour for IF I WERE A PARK RANGER Stop # 2: Glacier Bay National Park

June 24: The second stop on the Alaska National Park Site Book Tour was one of my most unique signing spots ever – on a cruise ship as we passed through Glacier Bay National Park. I had done a book signing on the historic RMS Queen Mary moored in Long Beach for another book, but this was my first author event on a moving ship. And the setting was spectacular!

National Park Rangers boarded the cruise ship as we passed through Glacier Bay, and offered a riveting narration of all that we saw – and boy, do they know their stuff! They were also available for passengers’ questions.

The Glacier Bay area is the spiritual home of the Huna Tlingit. From the ship, passengers can view the glaciers and may even spot one in the process of calving, with chunks of ice falling off into the water. Lucky viewers may catch sight of wildlife, too.

Again, to be surrounded during an author’s event with stunning views of glaciers was a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Thank you to the park rangers for their kindness to me and the Alaska Geographic staff who made this event possible. And thank you to our cruise director who warmly greeted me that – and even included me on the ship’s event program.

Glacier Bay Photo Gallery: