Alaska Book Tour for IF I WERE A PARK RANGER – Stop # 3: Denali National Park

June 29: Visiting Denali was a longtime bucket list goal. Being invited to do a book signing there – that exceeded even my dreams.

Regional forest fires dimmed views that day and turned the sun orange, but the sights were still spectacular. The Park Store staff graciously set my table near the front door. I met travelers, young and old, who were also drawn on that day to this beautiful place.

Not to be missed at Denali – the Denali Sled Dog Kennels and dog demonstrations. So fascinating, I attended twice. Both times, the yipping dogs nearly jumped out of their fur with excitement at being chosen to pull the wheeled cart that served as the summer demonstration substitute for the dogsled. And both times, the knowledgeable park rangers related amazing facts about the Alaskan huskies and the work they do at the park.

Denali Photo Gallery: