IF I WERE A PARK RANGER now back in stock

So happy to announce that, following overwhelming demand and supply chain issues, IF I WERE A PARK RANGER is BACK IN STOCK after several months and is now available at: albertwhitman.com/book/if-i-were

A love letter to our national parks and to the people who work to maintain and protect them…


“A great way to introduce children to a not-often-depicted career path and maybe to spark some interest in our country’s national treasures as well.”―Kirkus Reviews

“Delightful….engaging and filled with fun facts….a recommended pick for children who love nature and the outdoors.”―School Library Journal

South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominee – WHEN A KID LIKE ME FIGHTS CANCER

So pleased to announce that WHEN A KID LIKE ME FIGHTS CANCER (@albertwhitman, illus. by @angelchang) was named a South Carolina 2021-2022 Picture Book Award nominee! Plus – the South Carolina Association of School Librarians created activity guides for all nominees. Check them out here:


December’s SECRETS OF THE SNOW GLOBE Story Time & Craft Event

A big THANKS to Cibolo Chicks Bookstore in Selma, TX, for hosting Sunday’s SECRETS OF THE SNOW GLOBE storytime/craft event. Much gratitude, too, to everyone who stopped by. We discussed the STEM principles that make up the magic of the snow globe, and had all the materials available to make our own. Here’s a cool snow globe fashioned by a young visitor!

Cibolo Chicks now has signed copies of SECRETS OF THE SNOW GLOBE available, as well as books from the Kirkus-starred review A DOG’S DAY series. Be sure to stop by this wonderful indie book shop if you’re in the Selma area, and say “hi” to Ceri and Sandra.

Snow Globe Story Time and Make-Your-Own Snow Globe Craft Event

Excited to share news of this upcoming family event… Learn about the magic & SCIENCE of snow globes – then make your own at the Cibolo Chicks bookstore in Selma, TX – hope to see you there!

A Different Kind of Snow Globe

As the author of a recent snow globe book, all things snow globe pique my interest. Spotted this in the window of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum on a recent visit to Louisiana. This is not what I typically think of as a snow globe – but interesting nonetheless. Red water means “Be Careful.”


Alaska Book Tour for IF I WERE A PARK RANGER Stop # 2: Glacier Bay National Park

June 24: The second stop on the Alaska National Park Site Book Tour was one of my most unique signing spots ever – on a cruise ship as we passed through Glacier Bay National Park. I had done a book signing on the historic RMS Queen Mary moored in Long Beach for another book, but this was my first author event on a moving ship. And the setting was spectacular!

National Park Rangers boarded the cruise ship as we passed through Glacier Bay, and offered a riveting narration of all that we saw – and boy, do they know their stuff! They were also available for passengers’ questions.

The Glacier Bay area is the spiritual home of the Huna Tlingit. From the ship, passengers can view the glaciers and may even spot one in the process of calving, with chunks of ice falling off into the water. Lucky viewers may catch sight of wildlife, too.

Again, to be surrounded during an author’s event with stunning views of glaciers was a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Thank you to the park rangers for their kindness to me and the Alaska Geographic staff who made this event possible. And thank you to our cruise director who warmly greeted me that – and even included me on the ship’s event program.

Glacier Bay Photo Gallery:

Alaska Book Tour for IF I WERE A PARK RANGER – Stop # 3: Denali National Park

June 29: Visiting Denali was a longtime bucket list goal. Being invited to do a book signing there – that exceeded even my dreams.

Regional forest fires dimmed views that day and turned the sun orange, but the sights were still spectacular. The Park Store staff graciously set my table near the front door. I met travelers, young and old, who were also drawn on that day to this beautiful place.

Not to be missed at Denali – the Denali Sled Dog Kennels and dog demonstrations. So fascinating, I attended twice. Both times, the yipping dogs nearly jumped out of their fur with excitement at being chosen to pull the wheeled cart that served as the summer demonstration substitute for the dogsled. And both times, the knowledgeable park rangers related amazing facts about the Alaskan huskies and the work they do at the park.

Denali Photo Gallery:

Alaska Book Tour for IF I WERE A PARK RANGER – Stop # 4: Fairbanks

The final Alaskan Book Tour stop brought me to the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center which houses the Alaska Public Lands Information Center and the Alaska Geographic shop. Again, the kind staff welcomed me and provided a table in a front row spot.  Among the people I met – a grandmother whose young granddaughter aspires to be a park ranger!

The center offered enlightening exhibits and films with park rangers available to answer questions.  A great stop on any visit to Fairbanks!

In conclusion, I cannot overstate the amazing-ness of this Alaska Book Tour – truly an experience I will never forget.

Photo Gallery: Coming Soon

A Magical Day at Mount Rainier’s Author Event

Sometimes and author event is…magical.

On April 16, 2022, I traveled with my family, including our two grown children, to Mount Rainier National Park for a book signing of IF I WERE A PARK RANGER.

The occasion – Junior Ranger Day, part of National Park Week. The book, of course, fit perfectly with this theme.

We arrived early and dined in the just-open-again-after-Covid restaurant at the National Park Inn. Then I headed to Longmire General Store for the signing.

The staff provided a lovely table, right at the front door. The Longmire General Store showcased a kind of national park rustic style, with wooden beams, walls and floor and a stone fireplace. And through the windows I could see the snow fall. Lots and lots of beautiful snow.

Thank you to the staff of Longmire General Store and the National Park Inn, and to the people who stopped in to have a book signed. I love talking to guests about what brought them to that park and all the other national parks they have visited.

Then, following the event we explored the truly amazing park.

I hope you have the opportunity to visit this lovely place. And if you’re lucky, it might snow for you, too.

Happy 50th Birthday to San Antonio’s The Twig Bookshop

Such an honor to be invited as a guest author at San Antonio’s The Twig Book Shop’s 50th Birthday & Indie Book Shop Celebration on April 30th. I was part of the “Authors In the Park” event, and had a lovely spot outside to visit with guests. Met people who collected snow globes (or their kids did), National Park fans and others who scooped up the A DOG’S DAY books. Also met WONDERFUL fellow authors and illustrators that day. Congrats to The Twig on this magnificent milestone and much appreciation for this opportunity to be part of the fun!