Travel Like a Writer: A Writer’s Eye View of Inspiring Travel Destinations

As writers and authors, we may view the travel experience differently than many tourists.  For us, finding a cozy pub in which to compose a poem is a true treasure.  Discovering an aged home preserved to reflect the era during which our historical work-in-progress is set can bring on goose bumps.  We may also be drawn to indie bookstores or innovative libraries with an enthusiasm that leaves our fellow travelers scratching their heads. 

Sign outside of the Woozles bookstore, Halifax

Ditto for the birthplaces, burial places, hangouts, haunts and everything else connected to our literary heroes both fictional (e.g., Anne of Green Gables) and real (e.g., Laura Ingalls Wilder).

This particular (even unusual?) perspective on travel is the focus of this new blog series.  This series will offer an overview of sites and spots in a particular destination – a region, island, city, National Park, etc. – that may hold a special significance to fellow authors and writers (especially those who, like me, write primarily for children). Occasionally, the blog will also offer other subject matter that highlights the intersection of the experiences of travel and writing kids’ books. 

I truly hope this blog offers writers valuable insights on where to go and what to do once they get there.  

Statue of a reader, Bryan, Texas

I also hope to offer fellow writers a platform for sharing their own literary travel and writing adventures*.

In addition to the blog, please follow Travel Like a Writer on Twitter @travellikeawrtr for quick updates, short news items and links to other articles, blog posts or photos showcasing ways in which the worlds of travel, kids’ literature and writing intersect.

Thank you for stopping by and remember… adventures (in travel, reading and writing) await!

Catherine Stier

* If you are a traditionally published children’s author or magazine writer who has an inspiring, travel-related, children’s writing experience to share and would like to be interviewed for an article for this blog, please send me a note with a few details about your experience via my contact page.